remember the old log house

Called “a geography of memory” and “a topographic poem,” this 14″x17″ accordion-folded map describes a landscape generated by text.

Created in collaboration with artist Peter Kralik, this new work in alternative cartography will be released in Winnipeg by As We Try & Sleep Press on July 23, 2013 in collaboration with One Night Stand exhibition series. More details on this innovative, new work here. To order copies of this limited edition release, please contact the author directly.

Established in 2002, As We Try & Sleep Press explores the overlapping points between the literary and visual arts on a project basis. Previous publications range from poetry chapbooks to comic books, flipbooks, broadsheets, photo albums, travelogues, serial mail outs, and children’s tales. To date, As We Try & Sleep Press has released publications by: Crystal Wilkes, Kegan McFadden, Michel Saint Hilaire, Doug Melnyk, Larry Glawson, butch of wpg., C. Graham Asmundson, Dave Grywinski, Jeanne Randolph, Roewan Crowe, Kevin Kelly, Kristian Enright, Denis Lessard and Michelle Elrick.

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