“The ___ Place” poetry film
Michelle Elrick (co-director, writer, vocals), Tyler Funk (co-director, editor), Emily Solstice Tait (dancer), Michael Belyea (music), Natalie Dobbin & Robin Summerfield (producers)
Created through CBC Creators Network on the theme of “Happy Place”
Premiered online by CBC Manitoba, April 29, 2021
“Sea and the Pine” poetry film
Created with Marie Wright (Mirror Image Media)
Premiered at Lunenburg Doc Fest 2018
“Bless Copernicus” poetry/music video
Music by River of Diamonds
Created with Mel Stone (Mel Stone Creative)
“SQUARE” poetry film
Created with Tyler Funk
Premiered on CBC “Canadian Reflections” 2016
“expect something and nothing at once” poetry film
Created with Tyler Funk
Winner Best Cinematography Suffolk International Film Festival 2013