The ___ Place on CBC

Just released! A new poetry film collaboration created for the CBC creator network, as part of their “Happy Place” series.

“The ___ Place” as in, that place beyond words, where the wonder of being awake, wide-eyed with wonder, to the experience of being alive, colours the world in “three dimensional bliss.” This past winter, I had the privilege of working with an incredible team of artists and producers in making this poetry film for CBC.

I’ll be honest, this poem didn’t come easily. As someone who has struggled with depression in the past, I’ve always found the concept of “happiness” abstract and the feeling somewhat illusive. Tasked with writing a poem about my “happy place” I kept coming up against my own complicated relationship with “happy,” which often translates into a feeling of guilt at not being happy, or happy enough. This poem sent me on a journey to the centre of the word, and I came out with a new definition: happiness (for me) is actually inside perspective. It’s embedded in the now. It’s the bliss of realizing I am part of a greater wonder, and connected to all of life.

I hope this film takes you there, even in the midst of these tense and difficult times. Follow the link above to watch the video and read the article about how we made this cross-province collaboration happen in the middle of the pandemic. Michael Belyea (music) Emily Solstice Tait (dance) Tyler Funk (video/co-direction) Michael Feuerstack (audio mix) Natalie Dobbin & Robin Summerfield (producers)