Interview in Verbicide Magazine

Tuesday, April 4, 2017: I had the pleasure of answering a few great questions from Nathaniel Moore for this short interview in Verbicide Magazine. Here’s one of them!

Q: Is part of your book a sort of architectural autopsy?

A: The idea of an architectural autopsy reminds me of Gaston Bachelard’s book The Poetics of Space, where he performs a sort of literary psychoanalysis on “the house.” Attics, basements, corners, drawers — he mines these spaces for a metaphorical understanding of the relationship between being and place, or dwelling. I was definitely inspired by Bachelard’s work, especially during the early stages of writing then/again. Yet as my book started to take shape, I became less interested in analyzing space and more interested in animating it. At a certain point, I left Bachelard to follow Dr. Frankenstein.

Read the full interview here.